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Age Spots

Age spots are caused by aging skin and look similar to sun spots, but are not caused by exposure to the sun. There is no way to prevent age spots, as they are a result of the natural aging process and will occur in nearly every person.

The treatment of age spots is quick and easy, and we can use several different lasers to treat the condition depending on the severity of the age spots. Our laser technology is the best in the area, and can penetrate and fade age spots with amazing results.* Each treatment only takes about 10 minutes for a small area, and you can immediately return to normal activity. There is no downtime or particular aftercare for this treatment.* Usually, a set of 2-5 treatments is necessary to completely fade the age spots. Your skin will look even and smooth after the age spots are faded away, as if it had never been there.* Treatment starts at $100.

Consultations are always free, so give us a call to get on the path to perfect skin.

*Note that every patient is unique, and results vary. Please call for details.

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