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You've come to the right place for Coolsculpting! We are the region's top fat removal specialists, with more options, more experience, and more discounts that anyone else. We have the newest and most efficacious Coolsculpting equipment, in addition to the area's most knowledgeable Coolsculpting staff. Come see the Luxe difference at a free consultation.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is the best way to remove fat without any surgery or downtime. The non-invasive procedure cools the fat to a temperature at which the fat cells are damaged. The process only damages fat cells because fat cells are the most sensitive to temperature changes. The body then removes the dead/damaged cells naturally, the same way any dead cell is removed from the body. The remaining fat cells then tighten in the area, causing an effect similar to liposuction without any invasive procedure.


The best part is that you can relax in our luxury Coolsculpting lounge (above) watching movies or getting some work done while we freeze your fat away. The process is painless and you don't take any medication or make any lifestyle changes. It's the easiest way to look great!

How does Coolsculpting work?

An applicator (at the end of the hose) is placed on the body area to be treated, and it uses a vacuum chamber to suck up skin and fat. If you can pinch fat between your fingers, then the Coolsculpting machine can pull that fat into the chamber. We have multiple sizes and types of applicators to fit any area of the body, all offered at maximum discount of 30% off to every patient.

After the fat is pulled into the chamber, it is cooled to a very specific temperature and monitored by the Coolsculpting machine for the set time period. No other tissue is affected, including the skin and muscles, because fat is damaged at a higher temperature than other tissue, and the Coolsculpting machine carefully monitors the process.

Coolsculpting is FDA approved, and is proven to be the most effective non-invasive fat removal technology on the market. We can treat multiple areas in a single visit, and can treat virtually any body area. Note that it is completely non-invasive, so you get the excellent results but get to skip the downtime, needles, pain, and risks.

Nicole Explains Coolsculpting at Luxe

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Coolsculpting Cost

Coolsculpting is shockingly affordable at Luxe. You can feel free to treat as many or as few areas as you like on your own schedule, as the process is non-invasive and you don't have to worry about downtime or surgery expenses. Our discounts are so good that Coolsculpting won't let us advertise them anymore!!! (Example: 8 cycles would be $4,000). We can even do multiple areas during one appointment. Never before has body contouring been this affordable. Call today for details or to set up your free consultation!

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