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Hormone Replacement

Hormone Replacement Therapy works to better the quality of life for both male and female patients that feel like they are slowing down, getting old, or simply losing energy or drive. Our bodies (both men and women) stop producing testosterone as we age, causing us to transition from a young anabolic state (muscle building) to an aging catabolic state (muscle and bone loss). This loss of natural testosterone can cause numerous lifestyle problems, leaving us to wonder if we can ever feel as good as we once did. The answer is yes.

*Note that every patient is unique, and results vary. Please call for details.

How Hormone Replacement Works

Hormone Replacement Therapy is the process of replacing the lost testosterone in your body, returning you to the levels of energy and drive that you had when you were in your teens or early twenties. The difference can be life-changing.

Both men and women need correct testosterone levels. Testosterone is one of the basic building blocks for the body, and both sexes require it (in much different doses). Testosterone is necessary for the production of estrogen, and low T means low E, typically. Additionally, low testosterone levels are often correlated with numerous illnesses and diseases, and correct testosterone levels can prevent some significant problems.

*Note that every patient is unique, and results vary. Please call for details.

Symptoms of Low-T

As you age, your testosterone (T) goes down gradually. Some symptoms are fairly obvious, while others are more subdued. Typical symptoms are:

  • Loss of Energy
  • Decreased Sex Drive or Libido
  • Weight Gain Despite Exercise
  • Inability to Lose Fat Despite Exercise
  • Inability to Gain Muscle Despite Exercise
  • Lower Tolerance to Working Out
  • Depression or Depressed Moods
  • Loss of Memory
  • Loss of Muscle Tone
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Poor Focus
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation or Long Recovery Post-Exercise

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you may want to check your testosterone levels. We can draw your blood here and have results in 1-2 days. The test is inexpensive, and the blood draw is small. There is no risk or commitment to have your blood tested for T levels.

Remember, we treat the symptoms, not the test. That means that your T levels may look "normal" on a lab sheet, but you may still feel like you suffer from some symptoms. It's possible your natural T level is higher than normal, and that you need T replaced because you are out of your personal acceptable range, even though your test result is "normal." We can try Hormone Replacement Therapy and check your symptoms again to determine if you require more than the "normal" level of T in your body.

Of special note is female patients that are currently on estrogen therapy regimens. It is likely that you are deficient in testosterone, and you should definitely have a test done. Testosterone is just as vital for women as for men, and estrogen therapy is almost always a sign of low testosterone and can lead to severe side effects without proper T levels.

Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy

The best way (only way) to properly deliver testosterone to the body is through Bio-Identical Pellets that are placed into the outer fatty tissue. The pellets continually release testosterone at a safe and consistent level, which is crucial to the body. Other delivery methods, such as oral or injected testosterone, cause large spikes in delivery and can create significant problems with estrogen balance and general mood.

The pellets are placed every 4 months for males, and every 3 months for females. There is no need to diet, exercise, change your lifestyle, or maintain the pellets unless you want to. Likely, you'll have more motivation to do positive things for yourself than you ever did before. The pellets are slightly larger for males, as more testosterone is required.

The pellets are prepared by the pharmacy to be specific to each patient, so we can add estrogen, estrogen blockers, progesterone, or a wide variety of other compounds. The pellets are placed in a simple 5-minute procedure by way of a small pellet-placing needle.

Liquid injections, oral tablets, and dermal patches are dangerous and inconsistent methods of testosterone replacement, and should be avoided if possible. They cause spikes in levels because of fast influx of T, can often cause widely varying estrogen levels (T builds E, and must be balanced), and may cause menopausal symptoms in both male and female patients. It is vital that the body receive constant release of Bio-Identical Hormone in Pellet form.

*Note that every patient is unique, and results vary. Please call for details.

Side Effects of T or Hormone Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, T does not make patients angry or more aggressive. It actually gives patients an increase in friendliness and confidence, because it decreases irritability, sadness, nervousness, and tiredness. All patients report that they are happier and that others can tell they are friendlier. Both women and men report increases in all positive categories, including libido, energy, drive, exercise tolerance, and general well-being.

The only real side effects are uncommon, mild, and manageable. Most common are increased facial or body hair, mild acne breakout, or an overly-increased libido. If they occur, the side effects are easily resolved by decreasing the dosage of testosterone. Your first dosage will be monitored closely for symptoms and adjusted if need be.

*Note that every patient is unique, and results vary. Please call for details.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

An initial blood test is required to determine your baseline T levels and many other factors that can influence pellet compounding. That test is about $100 if you do it here, or we can provide you the test sheet and you can have it performed at your preferred lab. After that, each placement of pellets is $500 for women and $800 for men (sorry guys, but you need much more T than women do). The price includes the pellets, injections, and all associated costs.

Yearly memberships ($2000 for women, $2400 for men) include any blood work necessary during the treatment year. We'll credit your initial blood work toward the yearly membership cost if you are a candidate for T Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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