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SportShot is the biggest step forward in joint repair that the medical world has ever seen, and it can put you back at the top of your game by using amniotic stem cells to fix the ailing joint.

SportShot repairs the joint, unlike steroids that provide relief but actually degrade the joint over time. It's a stem-cell miracle that is injected straight into the joint to bond with existing joint tissue and create more joint tissue, returning you to pre-injury form. Because you are repairing the joint, you can get back to the top of your game and stay there for years to come!

Stem Cell Regeneration

SportShot uses amniotic stem cells to help repair the joint, which are safely harvested voluntarily during planned c-section births. We only need a simple 10cc blood draw from you, as opposed to the bone marrow aspiration that many stem-cell facilities require. Your blood is combined via patented process with the amniotic stem cells, and those cells imprint with your own cellular code to form brand new joint tissue cells. Finally, you can get long-term relief through repair, instead of just masking the symptoms.

Non-Surgical Option For Joint Repair

SportShot requires no surgery, as it is a simple blood draw followed by an injection directly into the joint tissue. The entire process takes place in our luxury medical facility and can be completed in only about 20 minutes. We use a specialized ultrasound device to guide the injection exactly into position for maximum stem cell repair.

SportShot Cost

There are different sizes of SportShot that can be mixed with your stem-cells and injected into problematic joints. Typically, the cost is about $3,000, but it can be slightly less for very small joints, or slightly more for very deteriorated large joints. Call us to set up a free consultation and fix your joint pain today!

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