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Spray Tans

Luxe Laser Center offers the best spray tanning experience in the area. We are NOT a typical spray company that allows high-school students to haphazardly hose down clients with expired spray. We are a top-tier Med-Spa, and our airbrush tanning service reflects our commitment to helping you look your very best.

We use only Norvell solutions, have the best equipment in the area, and have a spacious and inviting tanning room. This is a much different experience than what you are used to. Our professional aestheticians and airbrush technicians are factory trained, so you know they are great. You'll never leave wet or sticky like at those other places, because we include drying service with every tan. We also offer a full range of accessory products such as exfoliating pads and tan extenders to make sure you look your best.

Why does Luxe offer spray tanning? We are a Med-Spa and cosmetic facility, so we treat a variety of skin conditions caused by sun exposure or tanning beds. We now offer this premium spray tanning service so that you have a safe alternative to tanning while still keeping the sun-soaked looked.

The best part: Your first tan is only $20!!!

Norvell Premium Sunless Spray Tans

The Premium line comes in Original, Dark, and Double Dark. The natural look of the Premium line is the classic suntanned look without the need for UV light. Original gives the appearance of a light tan, while Double Dark gives the appearance of a deep mid-summer tan. The longer you leave the solution on your skin, the darker the tan will get, reaching full effect in 8-10 hours. Only $35!

Norvell Venetian Spray Tans

The Venetian line is made to give you the Mediterranean look, adding a small amount of violet tint to the Premium spray color. We offer the Venetian Dark tan, which we feel is the best shade/tint mix to appear as a natural Mediterranean tan. Try this out as an alternative to the Premium line or to get that deep tan look as if you just returned from an Italian vacation. Only $35!

Norvell Organic Spray Tans

Norvell now offers an organic version of the Premium line. Organic spray is great if you have very sensitive skin that is affected by spray solution or if you are pursuing an organic lifestyle. We offer Organic Dark, as it is the most popular option in the Organic line. For a lighter tan, we recommend showering 6-7 hours after application of the solution. Only $50!

Norvell ONE

Now you can experience the sought-after Norvell shade of tan without waiting. ONE is a much stronger formula that can be washed off in 1-4 hours. The rapid-setting formula is the equivalent of Premium Original after 1 hour, and the equivalent of Premium Double Dark after 4 hours. Also available in Venetian ONE. Spray after work and be ready to go out the same night. Only $40!

Tips for the Perfect Spray Tan

Your first tan won't be perfect. It is impossible to tell how your tan will look or where any light/dark areas might be until we spray you one time, so always get at least two tans before an event. For example, I always do an extra pass on my hands because they don't get as dark as the rest of my body.

Get the custom tan! Our professional aesthetician blends your color and ensures a natural look that you can't get with inexperienced sprayers or cramped strip-mall booths. Don't even think about using the automatic tanning machines, unless you like uneven tans and orange tint...

Don't wax the day of your tan. Actually, don't wax the day before it, either. If your pores are too open, they'll absorb too much solution and look spotty. For the perfect coverage, wax 2 days prior to your spray tan.

Exfoliate! The most important thing you can do is properly exfoliate before your tan. Make sure to rinse thoroughly, because you don't want any leftover products on your skin that might get in the way of your spray tan.

No makeup. For that matter, leave the moisturizer, deodorant, perfume, and everything else in the drawer. Each of these items just adds a layer between your skin and the spray tan, making it more difficult for your skin to absorb the color.

Don't worry about your hair. Keep your cap off your hairline, as our Norvell spray will not affect your hair or color it. Any color that happens to get on your hair will wash right off when you shower, and then you won't have a tanline at your hairline.

Go easy with the blending cream. We have DHA-Stop, which instantly stops color from absorbing, but you want to be careful how you use it. It's helpful for feet, elbows, and sometimes fingertips, but don't use it unless you have to.

Wear the right clothes. Your clothes will get some tanning spray on them even though we dry you off before you leave. It usually doesn't stain, but you'll want to wear dark clothes just in case. Make sure you have some room in the clothes, too, as you don't want tight clothes constantly rubbing your skin and removing the color we just applied.

Wait the right amount of time to shower. Norvell ONE can be washed off in as little as an hour, but Premium, Venetian, and Organic require about 8 hours for full effect. Want to be a bit darker? Leave it on for up to 24 hours and let the DHA continue to work.

No sweating. I know you love working out, but you don't want to do anything that makes you sweat until after you shower off. You'll also want to avoid rain and water until you shower. I'll spray you while it's raining, but make sure to have a hood and an umbrella to get home.

Take care of your tan! We sell a variety of products that can extend the life of your tan. Most important is moisturizer. Next is not shaving (remember what we said about waxing...). Some of our products have small amounts of DHA or bronzer, so your tan can actually continue to darken as you use them. Ask us what is best for you.

Buy the right products. I know I just told you to ask us, but this needs repeated. There's a wide variety of products made by Norvell that are specifically designed to make your tan look great, and they really work. Using the right products before and after your tan can extend your tan up to a week longer than usual and help you maintain the perfect shade.

Video of our Tanning Room

*Note that every patient is unique, and results may vary. Please call for details.

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